Golden Spruce / Port Clements

The Golden Spruce was a special tree genetically, and it featured prominantly in Haida lore. The tree itself was cut down in 1997 in a misdirected attempt to protest loggng practises on the Islands.

Despite the absence of the Golden Spruce today, the Golden Spruce Trail provides a wonderful opportunity to walk through an old growth forest surrounded by trees 500 years old along the banks of the tranquil Yakoun River.

Additional stops may include:

                          • Port Clements Museum
                          • Haida Canoe
                          • Shoreline walk and bird observatory

Day tours are available by prior arrangement all areas of northern Haida Gwaii.

Tours are approximatly 5 hours in length and typically cost $100 per person +taxes.

Pick-up and drop-off at your local (northern Haida Gwaii) accommodations.

Haida Gwaii Discovery Day Tours blend multiple areas of Haida Gwaii and are catered to the specific interests and wishes of the participants.

A light refreshment is typically provided along the route at a local establishment. Water is available at no charge.

What you need to bring:

                          • Comfortable shoes for walking
                          • Appropriate clothing
                          • Camera, binoculars, field guides (if desired)
                          • Your interest